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Global Web Standard

Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) is now the global web standard!

It's official!
The W3C has adopted our EXI format as the global web standard.
Efficient XML™
Best XML compression. Fastest EXI processors. Proven and certified. Seamless integration via standard XML APIs.

Java, Microsoft .NET, C/C++, Windows, Linux, Mac

Efficient Web Services™
Supercharged web services. Rapid Integration. Zero coding.
Auto EXI detection. Auto compression.

Microsoft .NET WCF, Apache Axis & Axis2, Oracle WebLogic

Efficient XML™ Mobile & Embedded
Extreme compression. Extended battery life. Blazing speeds.
Low-power. Low CPU utilization. Small footprint.

iPhone, iPad, Android, .NET-CF, JavaME, Linux, Windows, Integrity

Efficient XML™ Gateway
Optimize WANs and wireless links. Instant EXI integration.
Zero coding. Auto EXI detection. Auto compression.

Standard proxy and forwarding modes.