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At AgileDelta, we're re-energizing the application development market for PDAs, cell phones, and embedded devices.

Until now, mobile devices have been limited in their ability to access information because XML is too large and too slow to be functionally useful on these smaller devices constrained by memory, battery capacity, and network bandwidth. Our Efficient XML software library is designed to plug into any J2SE or J2ME application and dramatically reduce the size and increase the transmission speed of XML documents by re-encoding them in a standards-based binary format. For details on the size and speed we can achieve on a variety of document types, please visit our Products page.

And AgileDelta's Mobile Information Client provides developers with an exciting new platform for writing applications for cell phones and PDAs that have footprints as small as 10K. Now you can write applications that reside completely on the mobile device, and users can more efficiently run those applications without pulling both application code and data from a remote server.

AgileDelta's Software Development Kit includes the Efficient XML library for J2SE and J2ME, a variety of proxy servers for using Efficient XML with existing applications, a command line tool, and a parser. Upcoming releases will include the AgileDelta Mobile Information Client development tools. For more information, email