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Like most companies, you almost certainly have a growing investment in cell phones, PDAs, and handheld computers for your mobile employees. But what value are they adding to your business? Are they doing anything more than giving your employees access to a calendar, a contact list, and possibly email? At AgileDelta, we don't think that's enough. These small mobile devices have the capability to be true smart clients' for your employees, giving them access to applications, data, and web services that were, until now, too large given the battery life, memory constraints, and wireless network bandwidth that restrict the functionality and capability of these devices.

AgileDelta opens up a new world of possibilities for PDAs and cell phones that will dramatically increase the return on your investment in these devices. Our Efficient XML software takes XML data, the standard language of the Internet, and makes it both faster and smaller (up to 50 times faster, and 100 times smaller), allowing these limited-capacity, highly-mobile devices to send and receive data to and from your business network that was previously inaccessible. Imagine your mobile employees can now access key real-time inventory data, customer order information, and technical support databases anything that is easily accessible on your wired network as XML data right on their cell phone or PDA. In addition, AgileDelta's Mobile Information Client gives application developers a new platform for writing rich applications with footprints so small that they can reside directly on virtually any mobile device, even those with limited memory capacity. No longer will your employees have to waste time waiting for application code to download just so they can see the business data they need. And you may find that you can reduce your overall investment in hardware by replacing expensive laptops with much less expensive PDAs and cell phones for many of your mobile employees.

With AgileDelta software, your employees can get more out of the devices you've already invested in. More data, more applications, more productivity. Our mission is to push information to the edge of your network, to the employees who need it most, but until now have had the least access to that information. Let us show you how we can help your business enrich its investment in cell phones and PDAs. Email us at for more information.