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Efficient Web Services™

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Supercharge your Web Services

Web services are being widely adopted to integrate disparate systems and share business logic inside and outside the enterprise. Web services leverage the interoperability and economic benefits of XML; however, they require an order of magnitude more network and computing resources than previous mechanisms, significantly slowing performance and wasting resources. Efficient Web Services dramatically improve web service throughput, scalability and network utilization, unclogging congested networks and enabling your web service to be used efficiently over slow or bandwidth-limited networks. It also makes remote users feel like they are right next door and broadens the reach of your web services to smart phones, wireless laptops, navigation systems, media players, and other devices that are often limited by bandwidth, memory, battery power, and processing power.

Efficient Web Services is a plug-in that adds Efficient XML capabilities natively to your existing web service platform without adding, changing or recompiling a single line of code. Once installed and configured, it dynamically detects and uses Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) where available and automatically falls back to plain old XML where it is not.

Axis Architecture for Efficient XML

AgileDelta's Efficient Web Service provides a quick and easy way to add Efficient XML capabilities to your existing web service.

Features and Benefits

Efficient Web Services provides the following features/benefits:

Simple Configuration. Efficient Web Services is designed to integrate with your web services platform, eliminating the need to modify your web service or client applications. With a few minor changes to your configuration files, Efficient Web Services will begin automatically detecting other clients and servers that support EXI and optimizing data exchange with them.

No Application Code Changes. You don't have to write, change or recompile a single line of code to use Efficient Web Services. You don't have to learn any new APIs, programming models or frameworks. Your existing web-service and client code, including generated source, will continue to work just as it did before, only much more efficiently.

Interoperability. Efficient Web Services supports dynamic content negotiation between clients and servers. Content negotiation allows clients and servers to automatically detect and use EXI where it is available and fall back to plain old XML otherwise. This allows you to deploy Efficient Web Services in mixed environments where not everyone has Efficient Web Services and allows you to roll Efficient Web Services out to different parts of the enterprise at your own pace.

Increased Application Performance. Efficient Web Services is designed to maximize client and server performance. It taps directly into the processing pipelines of your web services platform, reading and writing EXI streams directly to and from your in-memory data structures without incurring the cost of compression or translation. And because Efficient Web Services incorporates the fastest EXI processors available, this can accelerate XML processing in your web-services and web-service clients several fold while simultaneously optimizing network traffic. This combination can dramatically improve the performance of your application.

Increased Scalability/Maximized Network Throughput. By simultaneously accelerating XML processing and reducing the size of messages between the client and server, Efficient Web Services allows more messages to be processed and transmitted to more clients using the same amount of server resources and bandwidth. This increases the overall scalability of your system and reduces the cost of bandwidth and computing resources.

Supported Web Services Platforms

Efficient Web Services is available for the following platforms:

Efficient Web Services for JAX-WS comes in two versions: one that works with the JAX-WS Reference Implmentation version 2 or later; and one that works with the JAX-WS support built into the Java Virtual Machine for JVMs 1.6 Update 14 or later.

JBoss® Native Web Services
Efficient Web Services for JBoss Native Web Services works with JBoss Web Services version 5.0 or later.

Apache CXF
Efficient Web Services for Apache CXF works with Apache CXF version 2.4 or later.

Apache Axis 1.x
Efficient Web Services for Axis 1.x works with Apache Axis versions 1.2 through 1.4.

Apache Axis2
Efficient Web Services for Axis2 works with Apache Axis2 versions 1.1, 1.1.1, and 1.3.

Oracle WebLogic®
Efficient Web Services for WebLogic works with WebLogic versions 9.1 and 9.2.

Microsoft® .NET Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Efficient Web Services for Microsoft .NET WCF works with .NET version 3.0 and later.

Support for additional platforms is on going. If you do not see what you need, please contact the AgileDelta Products Team. We have alternate integration approaches that work for most server platforms and may already have exactly what you need in beta.


Efficient Web Services for JAX-WS, Apache CXF, JBoss Native Web Services, WebLogic 9, Axis 1.x, Axis2, and WCF are available for immediate purchase. They are also included with the Efficient XML SDK. SDK users can download them. New users can sign up for an evaluation copy.